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3 Spooky podcasts to get you in the mood for Halloween

Updated: Oct 23, 2021

Pumpkins, fancy dress and all things spooky, this time of year has always been my favourite. I’ve been both an avid horror and Halloween fan practically since I was born and I basically celebrate this holiday throughout the whole year…just call me Rosemary's baby.

So when I’m on the move or looking to get in the spooky spirit of things, I switch on a scary Halloween podcast. Nothing makes you feel ready for this season than the immersive experience of having a chilling story unfold in your headphones. Check out my three spooky podcasts recommendations to get you in the mood for Halloween.

1. The NoSleep Podcast

Prepare yourself for spine-tingling short stories of horror, the paranormal and the downright grotesque. This anthology horror fiction podcast began back in 2011 and comes from no other than the legendary r/NoSleep forum on Reddit. Redditors have been coming to the forum for over a decade to share their personal scary experiences and paranormal happenings. This podcast is not for the faint hearted and their warning message is clear; ‘Join us at your own risk’’. They’re of course running a ‘Halloween month of Horror’, check it out on Spotify... at your own peril.

2. Chilling Tales for Dark Nights

Guaranteed to make any dark night feel even darker. Another anthology podcast - (can you tell I can’t get enough of horror stories?) - which releases a new episode of scary stories every week keeping you full to the brim of fright. Stories ranging from ‘creepypastas’ to indie shorts, this podcast is a great tribute to author Alvin Schwartz’s ‘Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark’ series of books which you should check out here.

3. Welcome to Night Vale

Fancy a bit of frightening FUN? Get hooked on this ongoing fictional story of a small town named ‘Night Vale’. In the style of a radio show that gives its listeners community updates for the deserted town, whether it be news, local weather, mysterious sightings, supernatural forces and cults. If you like getting lost in conspiracy theories and revelling in intricate spooky stories – this one’s for you.

And once you’ve plugged in to the podcast above you’ll be ready to check out these SPOOKY films for Halloween 2021:

Blog by Abigail Jane Winterford.

Abbie is a Digital Creator, photographer and works for STORM Models as a Social media and Artworker.

Check out her work (stay tuned for her 2021 Halloween costume) below:

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