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Podcast Recommendations from a Foodie

Almost al dente is a food blog by London-based Aussie Georgie Koch. After spending her whole life (and especially 2020) in the kitchen, almost al dente was born in early 2021 as an outlet to share all manner of musings about food - dishes created, recipes discovered, restaurant gems and more. We asked Georgie to share her top foodie podcast recommendations. Warning: don't listen to on an empty stomach!

  1. Dinner For One Spotify | Apple Jamaican-American Sutanya Dacres hosts DFO from her kitchen in Paris where she talks about and cooks for one in the aftermath of her divorce. The way she describes food and being an ex-pat is both funny, poignant and incredibly relatable as an ex-pat myself. When I discovered this podcast I went back and devoured every episode.

  2. The Filling Spotify | Apple One of the more recent pods I subscribe to, host Anna Barnett is the kind of cool food-world girl I want to be when I grow up. She always has great guests and finishes each show with questions about two of my greatest loves: condiments and sandwiches.

  3. Out To Lunch with Jay Rayner Spotify | Apple Does what it says on the tin: infamous food writer and critic Jay Rayner takes his guests out to lunch for an interview where he covers any topic under the sun, but especially food. Over the pandemic, this pivoted to ‘In For Lunch’ where Jay would send the guest a surprise meal, no matter where they were in the world.

Honourable Mentions

  • Highly Enthused - not strictly a food podcast, but each show always has a good chunk of A+ food chat

  • Home Cooking - Two words: Samin. Nosrat. She’s sunshine personified.

  • Table Manners - my OG food podcast. Fun fact: my friend used to live next door to Jessie Ware and once we were sitting in my mate’s backyard and someone came outside from next door and popped their head over the fence - it was Sam Smith! I’m still convinced they were there recording the first-ever episode they were a guest on.

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