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Podcast Recommendations from a Poet

Ella Sadie Guthrie is a journalist and poet who, in her own words, often fails at being funny. After studying her NCTJ with PA, she moved into poetry and spoken word, going on to feature at an array of London poetry nights and perform in the House of Commons. Alongside Ruth Boon she founded WRIOT, a poetry collective for womxn and non-binary poets and you can hear her talk about poems, music and world news every Wednesday on her radio show ‘Original Poet Material’ on Trickstar Radio. Mostly she spends her time walking along Brighton seafront and daydreaming.

Her words have appeared in Lucent Dreaming, Ink, Sweat and Tears, Hecate Magazine, Drawn to the Light and Dreich Magazine.

1. Make Art not Content

I came across this on Spotify and at first listen it had me hooked. This podcast comes from The Mystery School and is hosted by Father Bronques, a photographer who offers sound and sometimes hard to take advice in 15-20 minute episodes. Each episode follows a specific theme from a different aspect that artists find themselves struggling with, whether that’s social media, spreading themselves too thin or not understanding their audience, peppered with anecdotes of his life and impeccable sound design. Warning; not for the faint hearted.

Listen: Apple, Spotify

2. Poetry Unbound

As a poet myself, of course I’ve got to rep a poetry podcast (or two). This one I discovered recently and is a part of the On Being studios, who do the On Being podcast as well as This Movie Changed Me and Becoming Wise. These are short in depth looks at individual poems, hosted and read by Pádraig Ó Tuama. This podcast never fails to make me swoon at how words can capture a feeling.

Listen: Spotify, Apple

3. Magic Lessons (with Elizabeth Gilbert)

This one was recommended to me by a friend when I was struggling with how to balance my creativity with surviving in an ever changing capitalist society. Elizabeth Gilbert, the celebrated author of Eat, Pray, Love is no stranger to offering advice on writing, but in this one she offers personalised ten minute telephone calls with artists of different mediums who need some friendly advice. There’s nothing like listening to other people’s creative problems to make you feel stealthier in your own endeavors.

Listen: Apple

4. Creative Rebels

This is my long-form offering. Adam Brazier and David Speed discuss important topics that relate to being creative and making money, building a fanbase, getting a job and many more. They also interview someone in the business each episode, quizzing them on how they did it and how, perhaps, we can do it too.

Listen: Apple, Spotify

5. Sugar and Dread

This one I’m repping, not only because it’s a treat for the ears, but also because I’m lucky enough to know these poetic people. Hosted by Gabriel Akamo and Jeremiah ‘Sugar J’ Brown, each week these boys bring a poem they love, read it aloud and discuss what it means to them. They also start every week with some ‘top five’ banter, which is one of the main reasons to tune into new episodes. Fully recommend it even if you think poetry isn’t your thing.

Listen: Apple, Spotify

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