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Podcast Recommendations from the Court Case Podcast

We asked the wonderful hosts of the Court Case Podcast to share their 3 podcast recommendations, because who better than to give recs than podcasters themselves right? Grab your headphones and exercise your right to remain silent (sorry... we had to) and listen to James' Court and Sweet Tee's top recommendations.

Unhinged and Bumbled Up Podcast:

Our first recommendation is the Unhinged and Bumbled Up Podcast. We were first introduced to this podcast when we met one of the hosts, Phil, at a Podcasting event earlier this year. Hosts Phil and Jane are experts in the world of dating (Jane literally wrote the book on online dating, '30 Reasons to Swipe Left'). Together these guys take you through the world of modern dating, the do's and don'ts, the dating disasters and loads more. The world of romance has changed drastically over the past 30 years, and especially if you're single, it's good to have a podcast to listen to that covers the things you need to hear and gives you some much needed guidance.

The Flight Attendant Podcast:

If you love travel and want to learn about the job role behind travelling from country to country, then this podcast is for you. Host Sweet Tee's dream job is to be a flight attendant, so you can guarantee every day and night she’s listening to the amazing voice of B and laughing at her hilarious stories. Even if you're nervous flyer, give this podcast a go. We're sure B will make you feel more comfortable with the concept.

The Court Case Podcast:

And of course we have to recommend our podcast, Court Case! The Court Case Podcast is a podcast hosted by James Court and his partner and co-host Sweet Tee. Together they both discuss unique and interesting, sometimes controversial topics, giving their own verdict and insight in a comedic and humorous way. They also bring guests onto the show, 'Guest Jury' if you will, to hear about their life stories and get their opinions on important topics. Anyone from famous YouTubers to Falsely convicted prisoners, Court Case has explored it all. Come along and have a listen, you'll laugh, you'll learn, and you'll never look back!

Instagram: @courtcasepodcast


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