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Podcast Recommendations from the experts: EarBuds Podcast Collective

EarBuds Podcast Collective is a podcast recommendation engine that brings you five podcast episodes based on a theme, each week curated by a different person. EarBuds also publishes a weekly podcast featuring an interview with a creator. EarBuds has been creating lists of podcast recs since 2017, so there are over 200 to choose from, on topics that range from cooking and politics to women & weed and career advice & inspiration. Subscribe!

1. Private Parts Unknown:

Private Parts Unknown is an entertaining and eye-opening podcast that brings listeners stories of sex and love in far-off lands. Hosts Sofiya and Courtney are LA-based comedians who travel to countries such as Belize, Finland, and Japan to document and partake in sex and dating-related culture. They draw parallels, speak with locals, and do it all with sharp-witted humor. 2. This is Love:

This is Love is the counterweight show to Phoebe Judge’s Criminal podcast. Whereas Criminal is sharp, sometimes dark, and can make the listeners’ heart race in anticipation, This is Love is slower, warmer, and brings about a story-driven tale of love. Both shows are incredibly paced, will grip you from the start, and are must-listens. This is Love looks at the concept of love and all its manifestations through unique vignettes. I recommend starting with episode Roselle and Michael. You will cry the entire time, but it’s so worth it. This episode captures the story of Michael Hingson, a blind man who worked on the 78th floor of the North Tower of the World Trade Center on 9/11/01, and his guide dog, Roselle.

3. Scam Goddess:

Laci Mosely is extremely quick-witted and up on pop culture references and will keep you laughing for the entire episode. On this show, Mosely and her guests share stories about famous scams and scammers. She starts off every episode asking her guests, “what’s your relationship with scams? Are you a fan?” You’d think the answer would always be no. But you’d be surprised. Scam Goddess is a real delight.

4. Bowery Boys:

The Bowery Boys is a top shelf New York City history podcast and network. Hosts Tom and Greg are very committed to bringing listeners well-researched and off-the-beaten-path stories of NYC’s past. They also do virtual and in-person walking tours! I recommend starting with The Curious Case of Typhoid Mary, which details the story of Mary Mallon, thought to be at the center of the typhoid epidemic.

5. Obscure History:

Obscure History is a delightful podcast for many reasons. 1. Joshua Zubrick, the host, is honest and transparent about his process. The show started off as All The People Podcast and has taken a few pivots along the way, while staying consistently intriguing in content. Zubrick makes sure his listeners know what’s going on AND asks them how they’re liking the changes. It’s a living, breathing podcast. 2. Each episode is well-researched and follows a beautifully-written script that takes listeners on a journey. 3. When Joshua says “obscure,” he really means it. I recommend starting with the episode The Worst Olympic Event of All Time.

Blog by Arielle Nissenblatt, founder of EarBuds Podcast Collective.

Twitter: @EarbudsPodCol @arithisandthat


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